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Sections of the platform team's documentation environment can be seen on a large PC screen

Security, standardization, support: our platform team

In our day-to-day software development, we work with a wide range of project partners from various ministries and federal institutions. They all have different standards, programs, and technical requirements. Nevertheless, we have realized over time that we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time; we can reuse certain components internally. With the idea of standardizing software development within DigitalService, we founded our own platform team in the summer of 2023. This team standardizes aspects related to security and infrastructure. This blog post explains how the team is structured, how it makes our solutions more secure, and why the individual teams have to manage less complexity.

The full Article is currently available in German only.

A portrait photo of Christian Kaatz

Christian Kaatz

is Head of Engineering at DigitalService. During his studies, he created city maps in Ethiopia before working at Nokia and HERE inter alia in the fields of data engineering, backend and APIs. Christian is the father of two children and uses every free minute to discover nature with them – including in the community gardens at Tempelhofer Feld.

Portrait picture of the author Kai Bernhard

Kai Bernhard

joined DigitalService in February 2023 as Tech Lead and Solution Architect. He is currently Project Lead of the platform team. He formerly worked at Nokia and HERE Technologies as well as start-ups in various fields ranging from medicine to video games. In his spare time, he enjoys climbing and composing electronic music.

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