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About DigitalService

As the central digitalization unit of the German federal government, DigitalService has set itself the task of sustainably advancing the digitalization of Germany and establishing agile software development and user-centered design as the standard in public administration.

To this end, DigitalService builds up internal development and methodological expertise for the federal government with interdisciplinary teams. Together with the federal administration, it develops its own digital applications that consistently focus on the needs of citizens, businesses and society. Through the Tech4Germany and Work4Germany fellowship programs, the in-house unit brings external digital experts and change experts to the federal ministries for several months to experience the benefits of new working methods and improve the implementation of digitalization projects.

DigitalService was established as a federally owned limited liability company in October 2020 and is wholly owned by the federal government. It emerged from the non-profit start-up 4Germany, which was founded in 2019.

In the media

November 2022

Sooner or later: For a digital Germany – a column by Christina Lang

Without mistakes, there is no learning curve for our state. To err is human. A saying we all know. Mistakes are part of our lives. And yet the term still has a very negative connotation. [...] Mistakes, course corrections or even failure are hardly forgiven in the public perception, especially in politics. [...] But anyone who shies away from making mistakes, admitting them and talking about them - for fear of negative consequences, for example - runs the risk of missing out on important insights and learning potential.

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Germany's Top 40 under 40

Germany needs bright minds to navigate the country through the crises of these times and shape the future with confidence. Here are the "Top 40 under 40" whom Capital believes will do just that. Christina Lang, CEO and co-founder of the German government's DigitalService GmbH des Bundes, is one of the outstanding talents in political parties and government agencies in the category "Politics".

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