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About DigitalService

As the central digitalization unit of the German federal government, DigitalService has set itself the task of sustainably advancing the digitalization of Germany and establishing agile software development and user-centered design as the standard in public administration.

To this end, DigitalService builds up internal development and methodological expertise for the federal government with interdisciplinary teams. Together with the federal administration, it develops user-centered digital services that measurably improve the interaction between citizens and the state. Through the Tech4Germany and Work4Germany fellowship programs, the in-house unit brings external digital experts and change experts to the federal ministries for several months to experience the benefits of new working methods and improve the implementation of digitalization projects.

DigitalService was established as a federally owned limited liability company in October 2020 and is wholly owned by the federal government. It emerged from the non-profit start-up 4Germany, which was founded in 2019.

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Logo Süddeutsche Zeitung Dossier

In depth: “Germany's innovation system” in danger

If you want to modernize the administration, you have to take a holistic approach – from personnel to structures to technical equipment. Otherwise, it will never work: employees are socialized into structures that shape a work culture, which in turn reinforces structures. At the same time, technology can only be used sensibly if structures and processes allow it.

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Logo of the online medium GovInsider

Germany’s DigitalService is helping the German government catch up with digital-ready legislation

Though Germany lags on digital government, Stephanie Kaiser, Chief Product Officer, shares how Germany’s DigitalService is supporting government reform with digital-ready legislation, user-centred software development and ushering in new ways of working.

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Logo Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung

Digitalisierung nachhaltig, sicher und souverän gestalten – mit Open Source?

Obwohl Open Source bereits seit Jahrzehnten eingesetzt wird, steht ein enormes ungenutztes Potenzial im Raum. Unser Kollege Christian Kaatz, Head of Engineering, wird gemeinsam mit weiteren Teilnehmenden im Open-Source-Forum das Thema vor dem Hintergrund aktueller IT-Trends wie Cloud und Plattformen einordnen und praktische erfolgreiche Anwen­dungsfälle beleuchten.

Logo Zukunftskongress

Führung in der Polykrise

Christian Müller, Program Lead bei Work4Germany, wird sich mit weiteren Panelisten der Frage stellen: Wie können Führungskräfte unterstützt werden, angesichts von Polykrisen, die ein hohes Maß an Flexibilität, Resilienz und Entscheidungsfähigkeit benötigen, Organisationen erfolgreich zu navigieren?

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Portrait picture of Julia Müller, Communications Manager at DigitalService

Julia Müller

Head of Communications
+49 171 8670959
Mon + Wed: 9 am to 5:30 pm
Tue + Thu – Fri: 9 am to 3:30 pm

Portrait picture of Stefanie Schwerdtfeger, Communications Manager at DigitalService

Stefanie Schwerdtfeger

Portrait picture of Anne-Marie Pellegrin, Communications Managerin at DigitalService

Anne-Marie Pellegrin

Fellowship programs, Digital Strategy & Digitalcheck
+49 1603602576