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Corporate Governance

The Public Corporate Governance Kodex (PCGK) (German only) contains and defines the standards of good corporate and participation management for all companies and shareholdings of the Federal Government. It is a guideline from the Federal Government and sets standards for transparent and economic actions by publicly owned companies. For example, it specifies how corporate bodies are to cooperate, seeks to ensure continuous improvement of processes of the company and its institutions, and stipulates a transparency obligation with regard to the remuneration of the management.

DigitalService GmbH des Bundes is 100% owned by the Federal Government.

As a GmbH (roughly: private limited under German law) owned by the Federal Government, we publish a Public Governance Report every year. Supplementary documents to the annual financial statement are also provided.

Corporate Governance Report 2022 (German only)
Annex for 2022 (German only)
Appendix to the Annex for 2022 (German only)
Balance Sheet 2022 (German only)
Profit-and-Loss Statement 2022 (German only)
Management Report 2022 (German only)

Corporate Governance Report 2021 (German only)
Annex for 2021 (German only)
Appendix to the Annex for 2021 (German only)
Balance Sheet 2021 (German only)
Profit-and-Loss Statement 2021 (German only)
Management Report 2021 (German only)

Corporate Governance Report 2020 (German only)
Annex for 2020 (German only)
Appendix to the Annex for 2020 (German only)
Balance Sheet 2020 (German only)
Profit-and-Loss Statement 2020 (German only)
Management Report 2020 (German only)

Compliance Officer

Our employees, customers and business partners can report possible compliance violations to our external Compliance Officer. Reports can also be submitted anonymously to the compliance officer via the specially secured BKMS® reporting and communication system.

Compliance Officer for DigitalService GmbH des Bundes: Attorney Dr. Rainer Frank
Phone number to call for a report: +49(0)30 318 685 933
E-mail address for submitting a report:

Further information here (German only).

Project contracts

As part of our “working in the open” approach, we focus on a high degree of transparency. Whenever possible, we try to publish contracts with our project partners.

Since the contracts are usually only issued in German, we list them here on our German website.

Servicestandard self-audits

In its project work, the DigitalService GmbH des Bundes is committed to the Servicestandard (German only) for digital administration issued by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community. As part of this, the digital development teams publish written reports with self-assessments on the fulfillment of the Servicestandard and to document their work.

The Servicestandard self-audits are currently only available in German and can be found here.

Acquisition documents

DigitalService was established as a federally owned limited liability company in October 2020. It emerged from the non-profit start-up 4Germany UG. In May 2022, it was renamed from DigitalService4Germany GmbH to DigitalService GmbH des Bundes.

4Germany UG Purchase Agreement (German only)
List of the parties acquiring DigitalService4Germany GmbH (German only)
Documents and communication relating to the acquisition of 4Germany UG (German only)

In case you have any questions regarding the acquisition of the 4Germany UG by the Federal Government, feel free to reach out via