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Fellowships for digital pioneers and change experts

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Digitalization is at the tip of everybody's tongue. We are the ones who are shaping it. And we are cresting this wave together with you: at eye level, with potent methods, project-based and application-oriented. Since 2018 we have been bringing people together who are gung ho about change and want to help shape digitalization of the public administration. The goal: a digital Germany.

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Tech4Germany leverages the advantages of modern product development in concrete digital projects. To this end, we bring together talented individuals and experts from the fields of product, design and engineering with digitisation blackbelts from federal agencies for three months.

Employing the methods of user research and prototyping, teams generate new insights right from week 1, developing digital prototypes that take on the challenges of federal ministries and agencies with user-centred approaches. Our hard-hitting teams work to boost the capability of the public administration to ensure solid digital product development.

With this as our guiding beacon, we select digital projects and put together go-getting project teams from federal ministries and agencies each year, recruiting committed fellows from the fields of product, design and engineering.

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Work4Germany brings together transformation experts from the private sector with pioneers from the federal ministries. They work in tandem on projects with a digital focus for six months, identifying potential for change and creating the conditions needed to realise it. They apply agile methods and user-centred working methods and adapt these to the administrative context. Methods are at the same time conceived as tools - even beyond the fellowship itself. This opens up new latitude for action and design while generating very concrete benefits for managers, teams and projects. This is how Work4Germany is driving modernization of the public administration from within.

Every year, we look for transformation experts and pioneers from federal ministries with a digital DNA who want to rethink processes and work with agile methods.

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