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June 2022, Behörden Spiegel

Sooner or later: For a digital Germany - a column by Christina Lang

Citizen-centered? Citizen-centered! Everyone is talking about user-centricity or, better, citizen-centricity. Without citizen-centeredness, there can be no modern, digital administration. And without a digital administration, there can be no modern, digital Germany. The new coalition agreement clearly calls for this. But what is behind the buzzword that has been called for years in papers, on panels and in workshops?

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03.05.2022, Wir sind der Wandel

Digitalization meets administration

Germany lags far behind in an international comparison when it comes to administrative digitalization. To change this, the federal government bought the start-up DigitalService in October 2020. A unique path so far - also internationally. We will be accompanying this exciting journey for the next six months starting in May 2022.

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Wirtschaftswoche Logo
18.12.2021, Wirtschaftswoche

Official help

In the administration, people still fax, type and staple. Christina Lang wants to change that. With her company, she digitalizes ministries. For that to succeed, the new “traffic light” coalition must offer more than new billions.

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August 2021, Handelsblatt Journal

Can the state do citizen-centric digitization?

Imagine if renewing your driver's license were as easy as placing an order online. You know exactly which website to use for the service, type in a search term and find what you're looking for - the option to renew your driver's license.

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19.07.2021, Podcast "Let’s Staat. Inspirationen aus dem Verwaltungsapparat"

Transforming administration with joy

Administration doesn't like change and certainly not when someone brings it to it from the outside! Really? At Tech4Germany, the fellowship program of DigitalService4Germany, administration is matched with talent from the private sector. Co-Founder Sonja Anton describes the superpower of joy, how to create and sustain it in a project when cultures collide. In addition to humility and modesty about the task at hand, it is above all the servant mindset that lays the breeding ground for joy in change. And this mindset is something that everyone at DigitalService4Germany must bring to the table - Fellows, partners from the ministries, and employees. You can find a great interview by Sonja Anton about Tech4Germany here.

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29.06.2021, Gründerszene-Podcast "So geht Startup"

A startup from the state - can it work?

Christina Lang has traded in her career as a management consultant for a new challenge: She heads DigitalService4Germany GmbH, an organization that takes care of digital solutions for the state. The GmbH was spun off last year and is wholly owned by the German government - a state-owned startup, so to speak.

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Podcast der Akademie für Öffentliches Gesundheitswesen Logo
17.06.2021, Podcast der Akademie für Öffentliches Gesundheitswesen

Carolin Bednarz & Ernesto Rodriguez | Agora - the Collaboration Platform for the Public Health Service

Communication between public health workers gets a new home: the collaboration platform Agora makes it possible to better share, collaborate and process knowledge together across the entire ÖGD. Carolin Bednarz and Ernesto Rodriguez from DigitalService4Germany have closely aligned Agora with the needs of the ÖGD; they had conducted over 70 interviews at the end of 2020 for this reason. In an interview with Dr. Emanuel Wiggerich and Detlef Cwojdzinski, they report on which functional requirements Agora covers and how the platform will be further developed.

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16.09.2020, Tagesspiegel

Developing for the state

With the "Digital Service," the Chancellor's Office now has an in-house software forge. Expectations are high.

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03.06.2020, Focus

Hackers in the Chancellery

The digitization of ministries and authorities is happening agonizingly slowly - 4Germany aims to change that. How does the task force tick that even impresses Merkel?

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