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Information about DigitalService

This is the website of DigitalService.
DigitalService is a company. The owner of the company is the German government.
The company works together with many government offices.

What DigitalService does
DigitalService makes software. Software is used to make electronic devices work.
Software includes things like computer programs for a laptop or cell phone apps.
DigitalService makes software for the government. Here are some examples:

  • Software for tax returns
  • Software to make it easier to find and access legal information

How the people at DigitalService work
At DigitalService, experts from different fields work together.
Sometimes, experts from other companies and government offices join in to help.

These experts ask themselves important questions:
How do we make good software for users?
What do users need from the software?

Then the experts ask the users of the software:
What do you like about the software? What do you not like about the software?

Maybe there is something about the software that does not work well yet.
Maybe users are not satisfied yet.
Then the experts can change the software again.
The experts keep trying until the software works well.
The software is supposed to work well for all users.

Website structure

This is what you can see on this site:
The DigitalService logo is at the top left.
You can click the logo.
That will always take you back to the homepage.

On a cell phone, you will also see three lines at the top right. You can click the lines.
Then you will see various words. You can click the words. Then you will get more information.

Who we are
This section has more info about DigitalService.

How we work
This section explains how people at DigitalService work.

Projects include things like the software DigitalService has already developed.
You can see the different software programs here.

In a fellowship, experts work together in groups. The groups are supposed to complete certain tasks. Each task has to be done in a certain amount of time.
Often, the experts do not know each other first. They are supposed to work together well.
Everyone can learn something in the process. There is a new task each year.
And new experts can join in. These experts are called fellows.

This section contains interesting info.

This section shows you what jobs at DigitalService are available.
You can move down the website.
Then you will see all the info on the homepage again.
You will see different words at the bottom of the page.

Sign language
Here you can find two videos.
The videos are for people who can't hear well.
For these people there is sign language.
People show signs with their hands.
The signs are like words.
So people can talk with hand signs.
The videos are about:

  • What info is there on the internet site?
  • How to use the internet site?

Easy read
This is the page you are reading right now.

You can decide:
In which language do you want to read the internet page.

  • English
  • German
    You want to change the language to German.
    Then press German.

You can move the internet page down.
Then you will see again all the info on the start page.

Press means things like:

  • Newspapers
  • TV
    This section contains information for people who work in the press.

Transparency means being honest and clear. We want to show you things like:

  • How we work
  • How much money the bosses make.
    This section contains reports on that.

A glossary is a collection of words.
The words are used on the internet site.
Often the words are difficult to understand.
In the glossary the words are explained.

Location and accessibility
This section explains things like:

  • How you can visit us by bus or train
  • Where you can park
  • What access is like for wheelchair users

Accessibility statement
Accessibility means there should not be any obstacles on the website.
For example, people with learning differences need text that is easy to read.
A website does not have text that is easy to read.
That is an obstacle for people with learning differences.
This section contains information on things like:

  • Is the website accessible?
  • Where are there still obstacles?

Legal notice
This section contains information about the website. This information includes:

  • Who made the site
  • How you can contact us

Data privacy
Data means specific information like:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address

DigitalService might have data about you. Data privacy means we take care of your data. We are not allowed to show the data to everyone.

The sitemap is a list of the internet site.
The list contains all the contents of the internet site.

Cookie settings
Cookies are computer files. Many websites have cookies.
The owner of the website can use cookies to see things like:

  • Who visited the website
  • What people did on the website

You can decide for yourself whether or not you agree to cookies.

You can click the pictures.
That will take you to a new page.
Twitter is an example.