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Location and accessibility

Our office at Moritzplatz is not barrier-free, but moderately accessible. We will respond to individual needs as far as possible, even at short notice. Please get in touch with us at


DigitalService GmbH des Bundes
Prinzessinnenstraße 8-14
10696 Berlin

Street number 8, staircase (abbreviated "TRH") 4,
Reception on the 3rd floor

How to get there by public transport

Via Moritzplatz (U8)

  • 150 meters to the office
  • No elevator

Via Oranienplatz (M29)

  • 280 meters to the office
  • Street level stop

Via Kottbusser Tor (U8, U1)

  • 550 meters to the office
  • Elevator available

Parking facilities

A covered area with cobblestones can be seen with a marked parking space in the center; the building to the right has a white wall and a window front with a glass door; below the windows there is a no stopping sign with an arrow pointing to the right; in the background a bush can be seen behind which there is another office building

We do not have our own parking spaces. However, we have the possibility to reserve a parking space. All you need to do is send an email to The parking lot is right next to the entrance door. There are additional (fee-based) parking facilities in the streets surrounding our office.

Access to the office

Our office is spread over three floors, which are all accessible by both elevator and stairs. On each floor there are workstations, phone booths, meeting rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Main entrance
Door width: 1 meter

Frontal view of the office building’s main entrance; in the center there is a glass door with the inscription

Threshold main entrance
Threshold height: 0.01 meter

The entrance door made of glass has an anthracite frame and is open; in the foreground you can see the paving stones of the street and a threshold to the entrance area, in front of which there is a water grate; the floor in the entrance area is speckled gray, the walls are white with tile elements speckled black-dark red; in the background you can see anthracite mailboxes

Elevator entrance
Elevator door width: 0.89 meters

The entrance area of the office building has white walls and a mottled gray floor; anthracite mailboxes hang on the wall to the left; to the right, steps go up to the second floor; in the middle the elevator, whose door is open, is located; the elevator is silver

In the office

Entrance to the floors
Door width on the 2nd and 4th floor: 0.95 meter
Door width on the 3rd floor: 1 meter

A white entrance door with frosted glass in the DigitalService office, held open by a wooden wedge; the wall on the left is white, the wall straight out next to the door on the right is anthracite; the floor is tiled with black and white speckled tiles; legs from chairs from a meeting room can be seen in the background

Meeting rooms
Door width: 0,86 meter

A meeting room in the DigitalService office equipped with a round table, three chairs, and a flat-screen TV on casters; there is a grey carpet on the floor under the table and chairs; the room has two concrete side walls and a glass wall; there is a large houseplant on the right edge of the picture, and another flat-screen TV on casters on the left edge

Freely selectable workstations
Tables are height adjustable.

A large open office space with a hallway in the middle; large work desks with tables are on the right and left; there are screens, laptops, and other office supplies on the desks; a person walks from back to front in the hallway; the ceiling is exposed concrete, the floor is gray, and there are windows on the side walls

Kitchen and space for breaks
The kitchen has level access.

In the front, a young woman in a white sweater is sitting on a blue sofa with her back turned to the camera; in front of her are two chairs on a rust-colored carpet; in the background is the kitchen area; a large open room with windows on the left side in front of which is a long table with chairs

We have a wheelchair accessible restroom. The second floor is accessible by elevator.

The wide white door to the accessible toilet is open and shows the white toilet next to which there are two silver safety trails; the wall is tiled in a bright orange and the floor has a shiny beige color; on the right side on the wall just behind the door is a small white radiator
The accessible toilet is tiled with bright orange tiles; the fixtures (toilet and sink) are white, while the toilet safety rail, the wall-mounted trash can and the towel dispenser are silver; a mirror hangs above the sink

Roof terrace
Unfortunately, our roof terrace is currently not barrier-free. The entrance has a threshold of 0.4 meters. Our teams are aware that team events must be organized in such a way that all team members have equal opportunities to participate.

The exit to the roof terrace on the fourth floor that can be seen consists of two glass doors with a white frame, the right one is open; a doormat is inside and the step to the exit is tiled in black; to the right of the doors there is a green plant on a small wooden table
The roof terrace has a railing on both sides; the central area is a large open space; the floor of the terrace consists of black slabs covered by grasses on the right side; a flower box can be seen in the background; other office buildings can be seen on the right and left sides of the picture; the sky is bright blue

Accessibility and first weeks at DigitalService

We check with new colleagues prior to their starting date whether any redesigns are necessary to make their physical working experience as pleasant as possible. The need for further adjustments will be discussed at follow-up appointments with our office management after about one and four weeks into the job.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at