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During the identification process with BundesIdent, a person holds an ID card and a cell phone with the opened application in their hands.

Digital Identities: helping the online ID function make a breakthrough

Back in November 2010, Germany introduced the new electronic ID card (nPA), one of the most forgery-proof ID documents with an online ID function (eID) in the world. The nPA was groundbreaking at the time, enabling electronic identification and authentication. Nevertheless, people in Germany still use their state digital identity less than in other countries. However, because identification is the basis for many administrative services, the lack of acceptance is a stumbling block for the successful implementation of digital administrative services in the context of the Online Access Act (OZG), among other things. The aim of our “Digital Identities“ project with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI) as part of the interministerial project GovLabDE Digital Identities (German only) is to further develop the state digital identity into a popular and widespread solution and thus help increase the usage rates of online administrative services.

The full blog post is currently available in German only.

A portrait photo of Anna Sinell in the DigitalService office

Dr. Anna Sinell

joined the DigitalService team as Product Lead in January 2022. She has spent her entire "professional life" working to strengthen the user perspective in innovation processes: first in research at Fraunhofer, then at the Google Digital Garage, and most recently at the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. She came to the ministry through the Work4Germany Fellowship and then stayed for a year and a half instead of six months. She used to play field hockey in the past, now it's her two children who keep her busy.

A photo of Marie Beckmann in front of a river or lake

Marie Beckmann

works as a Senior Product Manager at DigitalService. Agile and user-centric product development have driven her since the beginning of her career. Before joining DigitalService in June 2021, she was a product owner at IBM iX. Already there, she made it her mission to shape the way we move and interact in the digital environment in a needs-oriented way. In her private life, she likes to go bouldering, hiking or skiing.

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