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Digital Strategy – A learning space for cooperation is created

It is still a rather rare sight in German administration: representatives of all ministries sitting together at a round table. Together, they openly discuss the challenges of the Digital Strategy and explore mutual support options. Also present: a small team from DigitalService, which provides methodological support for this new form of collaboration as part of the digital strategy.

The German government's Digital Strategy (German only) forms a common umbrella for the ministries' digital policy priorities and goals. More than 130 defined objectives converge here, distributed across all federal ministries. There is a great deal of pressure on everyone involved: after all, the digital strategy's goal is for Germany to be one of the ten leading countries in Europe in the digital sector by 2025.

These ambitious goals can only be achieved if representatives of the federal ministries work together in a spirit of trust. The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) has commissioned us to support this process and to establish a cross-departmental learning space for cooperation between ministries within the framework of the Digital Strategy.

This learning space should be characterized by a positive and transparent error and learning culture. To support this, we have taken over the moderation of an interdepartmental working group (imAG in German) as a first step, which meets regularly.

The full blog post is currently available in German only.

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Benjamin Jadkowski

is Project Lead and has been working at DigitalService since February 2022. With a background in futurology and design thinking, he has been supporting organizations in their digital transformation and in dealing with uncertainty for over eight years. He got a taste for administration as a Work4Germany fellow at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs: the mix of complex, socially relevant topics and motivated people is unique for him. To clear his head, you can find Benjamin outside in nature or in the nearest bouldering hall.