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How we strengthen the Digital Strategy's lighthouse projects through networking

Nineteen lighthouse projects radiate from the Federal Government's digital strategy. Each ministry has contributed at least one project to the strategy and is responsible for its implementation. These projects highlight the opportunities and possibilities of digitalization, pursuing a variety of goals: from a data institute to a platform for online civil court proceedings.

The DigitalService is collaborating with the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) to network these projects and create spaces for exchange, learning, and growth. In this blog post, our colleague Benjamin Jadkowski, Project Lead for Digital Strategy at DigitalService, and Ulrich Reinfried, a consultant at the BMDV, explain our approach and introduce other partners involved in this initiative.

The full Article is currently available in German only.

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Ulrich Reinfried

has been a consultant at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport since 2008. As a cultural economist, European scholar, and expert in international relations, he enjoys tackling complex challenges at the intersection of politics, business, and society. He was closely involved in developing the Federal Government's Digital Strategy and establishing the supporting monitoring system. He has known the DigitalService as a project partner through various years of our Work4Germany and Tech4Germany Fellowships since 2020. This has resulted in a dynamic and inspiring collaboration to support the Digital Strategy.

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Benjamin Jadkowski

is Project Lead and has been working at DigitalService since February 2022. With a background in futurology and design thinking, he has been supporting organizations in their digital transformation and in dealing with uncertainty for over eight years. He got a taste for administration as a Work4Germany fellow at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs: the mix of complex, socially relevant topics and motivated people is unique for him. To clear his head, you can find Benjamin outside in nature or in the nearest bouldering hall.