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Author Jörg Ihlefeld listening to one of his team members talking in the DigitalService office

NeuRIS: Where we are in the project right now – and how the MVP has changed.

A new legal information portal is being created to enable better access to federal legal information within Germany. Since April 2022, it has been created in cooperation with DigitalService, the Federal Ministry of Justice (BMJ) and the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ). In this blog post we give an update on the development of a minimum viable product (MVP) of the documentation environment, our division into different working groups and the establishment of cooperation between DigitalService and the users in the documentation centers.

The overall “NeuRIS” project consists of two central components: a federal data collection environment and data management system, as well as a legal information portal for the general public. The goal is to set up the central portal by the end of the legislative period, which will replace the existing portals and better meet the demands of civil society, science, legal tech companies and publishers, etc. More detailed information about the long-term goal of NeuRIS and the first steps that have been taken after the start of the project can be found in the two previous blog posts “Turning legal information into open data: New project with the Federal Ministry of Justice picks up pace” (April 2022) and “New legal information system: The roadmap for the MVP is set, product development begins” (August 2022).

The full blog post is currently available in German only.

Jörg Ihlefeld

Jörg Ihlefeld

is Principal Product Manager at DigitalService. He previously worked for many years as Project Manager and consultant at IBM and contributes valuable experience in the development of complex applications from his time there. Jörg is passionate about building agile organizations, bringing about working conditions that motivate staff and thus facilitating efficient ways of working. In his private life, he is passionate about everything that takes place on the water: windsurfing, sailing and stand-up paddling (SUP).

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