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Person at a table with a laptop computer on which a list of local court applications can be seen enlarged in yellow on black

No digital offering is barrier-free – how we want to change that

No digital public service in Germany was fully accessible at the end of 2021. This was the finding of the report submitted by the Federal Accessibility Monitoring Center to the European Commission. Around 2,000 government services were examined and not a single one met all the requirements for digital accessibility. This means that numerous government services are excluding users.

The full Article is currently available in German only.

Portrait picture of the author Marion Couesnon

Marion Couesnon

has been working as a UX Designer with a focus on digital accessibility at DigitalService since fall 2023. She studied Graphic and Media Design in France and Switzerland and is a trained accessibility specialist. Her mission is to make technology more inclusive, which she believes requires radical change. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, baking, and fermenting.

A portrait photo of Martin Jordan in the DigitalService office

Martin Jordan

works as Head of Design at DigitalService. Previously, he was Head of Service Design at the Cabinet Office in London for over six years. There, at the Government Digital Service, he pushed forward the digital transformation of the British administration and its administrative services. In his private life, he loves porridge. His goal is to compete in the Porridge World Cup at some point and win the Golden Spurtle, the Scottish stirring spoon.