Digitalizing Germany. Together.

Our mission

DigitalService4Germany develops digital solutions for and in tandem with the federal public administration. The needs of users are at the heart of it all.

Our aim and objective: services that work better for everyone.

Agile. Flexible. Dynamic: Our culture is that of a start-up. A GmbH owned by the federation, DigitalService4Germany is a 100% subsidiary of the federal government and reports directly to the Federal Chancellery. This means that we do not work for profit, but for a good cause: towards a digital Germany.

DigitalService4Germany Team
What we do

What we do

We develop digital products that facilitate interaction between citizens and the public administration while promoting trust and confidence. To this end, we bring together interdisciplinary teams with expertise in software development, design and product management with the federal public administration.

What do users need? Our starting point is the problem, from which point we think holistically to develop the best possible solution with an iterative approach. Together with our fellowship programs Tech4Germany and Work4Germany, we support the needed change in working methods and culture. Through close cooperation between digital experts and pioneers from the public administration, we leverage the advantages offered by agile and user-centred working methods in actual practice while promoting the development of skillsets and competences.

Our values

Values are at the heart of the corporate culture we exude in our everyday work, and which we stand for internally as well as towards the outside world. These values reflect the demands we place on ourselves as a team and as an organisation oriented toward the common good. We view these values as beacons, both illuminating and shaping the way we work together while steering our growth over the long term. For an agile, dynamic organisation like ours, values also serve as guardrails that guide our decision-making and development on both a small and large scale. These keep us on course, provide orientation and instil trust and confidence.


We are all convinced of the necessity of our mission and are committed to it. This motivates us anew every day. When we decide to do something, we do it. We make our contribution proactively and devote all our energy to it. We confront challenges with optimism, creativity and pragmatism. We believe in the changes we initiate with our work and the impact we achieve.


We actively practice transparency. As a learning organisation, we are transparent both internally and towards the outside world. We make our decision-making just as transparent as the motivations for our actions. We practice an open mistake and feedback culture and are committed to free access to resources and knowledge. Our principle: We work openly. We share our lessons learnt.


We work as partners at eye level with the federal public administration, our fellows and users. We think holistically, actively listen to all project partners, and promote competence-building. We take every opportunity to respectfully learn from and with each other. Together, we are committed to a strong vision: a digital Germany.


As an internal unit of the federal government with a start-up culture, diversity is part of our DNA. Everyone contributes their individual skills, experience and strengths. Empathy is key. Network intelligence is the result. Our credo: Diverse, interdisciplinary teams achieve better results. Full stop.


As a non-profit organisation, we stand for what we do. We do not work for profit, but we are keenly aware of our purpose. We take responsibility for our convictions. In all aspects of our work, we constantly question ourselves and think outside the box. We are trustworthy and honest in our dealings with each other and with our project partners. We remain true to our strategy and approach.

Fringe benefits

Help shape the digital public administration

Work on projects for the common good. Enlist with us in our mission to develop services that work better for everyone.

Flexible mobile office

You don't live in Berlin and want to work remotely? We will find a solution! For appointments & events, however, you would have to be with us regularly.

30 days of holiday per year

It is important to recharge your batteries. That's why we offer 30 days of annual holiday - on top of Berlin's bank holidays.

Office in the heart of Berlin

The only thing we love more than our office near Moritzplatz is the roof terrace that comes with it.

Choose your own hardware

Our teams know best what they need to produce their best work. That's why we let everyone choose the hardware that best suits their needs.

Snacks & drinks

Fruit, cereal and sweets, as well as coffee, juice and lemonade. There for the taking!

Charlotte Vorbeck
„It's our responsibility to facilitate a collaborative way of working and integrate different perspectives.“
Charlotte Vorbeck, 

Senior UX Designer
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