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Final spurt for the property tax return: tips for timely submission by January 31, 2023

Berlin, January 10, 2023
Since July 2022, DigitalService has been operating the free online service “Grundsteuererklärung für Privateigentum (Property Tax Declaration for Private Property)” on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Finance. It guides private owners of certain properties in federal states that apply the so-called “Bundesmodell” for property tax quickly and easily through the property tax declaration. The necessary identification can be done via an existing ELSTER certificate, activation code by letter or with the electronic ID card. The following tips can help to submit the property tax return electronically on time by January 31, 2023.

About DigitalService

As the central digitalization unit of the German federal government, DigitalService has set itself the task of sustainably advancing the digitalization of Germany and establishing agile software development and user-centered design as the standard in public administration.

Together with the federal administration, it develops user-centered digital services that measurably improve the interaction between individuals and the state. Through the Tech4Germany and Work4Germany fellowship programs, the in-house unit brings external digital experts and change experts to the federal ministries for several months to experience the benefits of new working methods and improve the implementation of digitalization projects.

DigitalService was established as a federally owned limited liability company in October 2020 and is wholly owned by the federal government. It emerged from the non-profit start-up 4Germany, which was founded in 2019.

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Pamela Krosta-Hartl

Pamela Krosta-Hartl