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Five people stand in front of a whiteboard. One person points to it. The others are facing the person. The mood seems relaxed and cheerful. There are pieces of paper and printed A4 sheets on the whiteboard.

365 days Work4Germany: Cylclical work with a variety of skills

The Work4Germany fellowship is based on phases that are repeated every year. The two program managers Johanna and Ilya report on what these phases are, what distinguishes them and what skills are required for excellent implementation in the fellowship team. The Fellowship team does not rely on external service providers for implementation, but is responsible for everything "in-house".

The full blog post is currently available in German only.

Johanna Buchholz

was a Work4Germany program manager for three years and helped establish the fellowship as a staff member from the very beginning. Since July, she works as an Agile Coach for the entire organization. Previously, she worked at the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on the topics of "Digitalization & Work" and "New Work". Johanna is very interested in interpersonal interactions and human motivations. She loves asking questions and getting things right. At least as much, she loves Doppelkopf (without 9s!) and her 80s and 90s pop choir.

Ilya Alexander Yacine

has been a program manager at DigitalService since 2022 and is primarily dedicated to accompanying the fellows through the fellowships. He is able to contribute his enthusiasm for regenerative leadership and organizational cultures. He previously gained experience with administrative innovation and smart cities at a municipal IT service provider and in a design thinking project with the city of Potsdam. Ilya's passions are exploring human potential and a regenerative urban future. Privately, Ilya can be found doing Acro Yoga, in Conscious Communities, and at festivals of all kinds. He would like to learn synchronous speaking in the near future.

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