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Jennifer Rohde und Claudia Straub arbeiten gemeinsam gut gelaunt in einem Büro im Bundeskanzleramt

From the Fellowship to the Chancellery: Project “New Work”

When Claudia Straub, Personnel Officer at the Federal Chancellery, opens the calendar, she sees the following dates, among others: “Retrospective”, “Collegial consultation” and “Brainstorming organizational development”. These entries did not exist two years ago. Behind them is the effort to bring more organizational and personnel development into the Chancellor's Office. This is a direct result of the Work4Germany fellowship.

From where did the impulse come? All appointments are directly or indirectly linked to a fourth: “Meeting with Jenni”. Jennifer Rohde has a unique job in the Federal Chancellery. Her e-mail signature reads “Project New Work in the Federal Chancellery”. If you ask her what that means, Jenni says: “I'm a kind of internal advisory unit here, or simply still a fellow for recognition value”. She was part of the Work4Germany fellow cohort in 2021 and was responsible for the project “Strengthening employee motivation - for a strong 'We'” at the Federal Chancellery. “Our work in the fellowship has created a position that didn't exist before”, she sums up.

The full blog post is currently available in German only.

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