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An information page on a tablet for policy drafters shows the appeal “Write digitally compatible laws”


Digital-ready legislation as a prerequisite for digital government

The German legislative process has gone largely unchanged for decades, resulting in legal and practical issues in digital implementation. Many laws cannot take effect fully. The situation often brings disproportionate cost and effort for the government, the private sector, and society at large.

Nowadays, constituents expect the government to provide streamlined digital processes. At the same time, there is a lack of contemporary tools to develop customized and effective laws for this increasingly digital society. This is where Digitalcheck, under the auspices of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI), comes in. It aims to create added value for constituents, organizations, and government through digital-ready regulations. Based on overarching principles, Digitalcheck uses additional methods and support options to help with development of laws that are legally clear, valid, and practicable. Further development activities focus on visualization and aids for policy drafters.

Special features

  • Further development together with inter-ministerial task force and the National Regulatory Control Council (NKR) – based on feedback from users
  • Focus on early drafting process for new legislation
  • Visualization as a key method of thinking through the practical implementation of regulations and facilitating dialogue with others
  • Support for policy drafters in the form of confidential support options and assistance with individual legislative projects

Facts and figures

Abstract graphic illustration in the form of a calendar for the launch of the minimum viable product

Three months until the go-live date for the minimum viable product (MVP) in January 2023

Abstract graphic illustration of iterative further development in the form of a cycle

Iterative further development encompassing three iterations to date, most recently version 1.2 in June 2023

Abstract graphical illustration of the increased application rate in the form of an arrow pointing upwards

Steady increase in usage rate, now over 80% for new legislation

Quote from a unit head at an enforcement agency

Laws can only be implemented digitally if they are conceived digitally from the start.

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