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In a meeting room at the DigitalService office a usability testing for our project „tax guide for prensions

Pension Tax Guide retires: extensive knowledge transfer for new projects

A portrait photo of Nico Stumpf

Nico Stumpf

was a Product Manager at DigitalService until January 2024. As a studied Risk Manager, he is interested in interrelationships and has already had the chance to help shape digital and transformation projects from different perspectives. During his time as a Product Manager at Dataport, he got to know the administration from the inside. In his private life, Nico can be found wherever art is used to discuss topics – be it at the opera, the concert hall, the theater, or the museum.

A portrait photo of Debbie Blume

Debbie Blume

was a Senior Product Manager at DigitalService until December 2023. As a sociologist by degree, she has been dealing with what makes people tick for over ten years – first as a UX Designer, later in the role of Product Manager. Before DigitalService, she worked for IBM iX, where she was able to design services and information offerings for and with citizens and administrative staff. When she's not swinging with her daughter on the playground, she can usually be found somewhere by the water, in a café or on her yoga mat.

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