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Digital Strategy

Reshaping interministerial cooperation

Over 130 goals across all of the German government’s ministries make up the Digital Strategy. Successful cooperation is crucial to reaching those goals, but the task forces involved often lack the space and dialogue formats to approach challenges together and advance projects synergistically.

Germany aims to be one of Europe’s top ten countries in terms of digital transformation by 2025. That is the ambitious goal of the Digital Strategy embraced by the German federal government. It forms a shared umbrella for the ministries’ digital policy objectives and areas of focus. To help implement the overall project, we are setting up an interdepartmental learning space on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV). The space is intended to foster dialogue among ministries. It is characterized by a positive and transparent culture of mistakes and learning and is supported methodologically by our team. The goal is to establish a dynamic and effective cooperative working relationship between the ministries to help advance the digital transformation. The implementation of this project is a crucial step in realizing the Digital Strategy and reaching its goal of making Germany a leader in the digital sector.

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