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Die Grafik zeigt Ergebnisse von Nutzerreisen zum Thema Steuererklärung

Easy Tax

Identifying barriers to filing tax returns

We were commissioned to gather information on sample issues experienced by employees, individual companies, and nonprofits when dealing with income, value-added, and corporate taxes.

Working on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), we studied the obstacles and challenges that employees, business entities, and nonprofits face when they file various kinds of tax returns. Our first shared goal was to harness user research to identify actual problems with income, value-added, and corporate taxes, such as those concerning the process of filing tax returns. Then, on that basis, we zeroed in on potential and recommendations for user-centered approaches to pursue in tax laws.

Status: Concluded


  • The past products developed by the DigitalService for property tax returns and the pension tax guide feature had already yielded a wealth of insight into the obstacles involved in the tax domain. These findings informed the process of identifying problems.